Uplifting, fun, funky & playful workouts to Jungle/ Drum and Bass in ancient woodland. Using the latest silent disco fitness kit, & your own headphones.


DnB dance style routines are woven between short, achievable runs, games & more. Take the class at your own pace, or have challenging extension built in.


Inclusive, friendly, fun, encouraging class, in a non-competitive environment. No mirrors or pbs, only sunbeams through the canopy, & birds flying overhead.

Who said fitness couldnt be effective AND joyful?


Regular sessions take place in Highgate Woods & Lloyd Park, Walthamstow. Also available for events, retreats, private group bookings, outdoor/indoor, or at venue of your choosing.








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Sessions Mon 9.30am, Fri 11am and Sat 10am.


Sat: London, Bristol or event, check calendar for exact dates at each location. 


Everyone must register once, and book before each session. Places are limited.



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Louise Roberts - Wild and Well Festival 2018 - 294

Photography by Louise Roberts