Do you have a video?


Yes, here it is:




















What do you do when it rains?


We embrace what the day has to offer regardless. Working out in the rain teaches us the importance of mind over matter. It's liberating. It teaches us that our bodies can be warm and energised regardless of the cold and damp outside. It teaches us that its okay to get wet, its only a state, that state will pass. It teaches us to feel great and open in life generally when society has taught us to shut down and generate storylines about how ‘terrible it is’ just because its cold and raining. Its an important part of learning to take the rough with the smooth, with a smile in our hearts. It makes us tough, not just physically but mentally. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Yes its challenging, but its good to be challenged and take calculated risks in life.  And when you get hot working out, rain becomes your friend. That said if its raining before class, we meet in the information hut by the cafe, instead of by the log. It is one thing to be out playing in the rain, another to be standing around in it before class.


Why Jungle/ Drum and Bass?


Drum and Bass/Jungle is great to workout to, its motivating and driving, but its much more than that. Jungle music transcends social boundaries, it is unifying. The bass connects to some deep part of us. Its at once motivating, uplifting and grounding. Jungle music draws heavily on technology and sci-fi influences and culture. Its at once earthy (eco), futurist and creative, like our classes. When you are lost in the music all of the outward signifiers, what you are wearing, what you look like, cease to be important. Jungle is tribal, connecting, chunky and timeless. There are plenty of classes to other type of music, but the music is core to this class, from ethos, to the dance steps in our routines. We love Jungle and Drum and Bass.


How do I join?


You need to register online once (see 'register'); and then email [email protected] to book classes, workshops or private sessions/hire sessions. You can also book via one of our 8 partners such as 'Design My Night' 'Funzing' 'Air BnB' 'Move GB' 'Rise Today' 'Fitu" or by bank transfer. -email for info.


What should I wear?  


The important thing is to be comfortable and able to move. Trainers/running shoes and dress for the season (weather not fashion). Layers work well. Make sure that you have plenty of clothing in colder months (that you can peel off as you warm up). Its easy to move in 2 or 3 pairs of old leggings/running tights, or one pair with joggers or waterproofs on top. In winter especially its good to have a set of waterproofs in your bag. Be prepared to get a bit muddy and not to care. It helps to have a rucksack to run with your belongings. It helps if it can fasten across the front, but it’s not essential. Remember we aren't anywhere near a locker or gym.  If you are going on somewhere, carrying a change of clothes, in a plastic bag, inside of your rucksack, is easy. And most of the year bring gloves...we do tree stands, planks etc... your gonna get a bit muddy. thats part of the fun.


What will I need? / How does it work?


You need: front fastening rucksack, and water bottle. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN HEADPHONES. Wired NOT bluetooth headphones, (unless you have an adaptor that plugs into an aux socket allowing your bluetooth headphones to work with a belt receiver). We provide a clip on belt receiver for you to plug your headphones into. The instructor's voice and music is transmitted to you via a wearable, wireless transmitter. We recommend the use of headphones with a good bass response, and very much recommend bone transmitting headphones which allow you to hear everything around you as well as your music. However it is worth saving up for the better ones to get good enough bass response for drum and bass.  


Can I do the class if have a medical condition/ have recently recovered from an injury?


Absolutely. Exercise can be an essential part of the recovery process, and adaptations can be given with sensitivity. Private sessions are an option too. However any injuries and medical conditions must be highlighted at registration, so that we can offer you the best possible experience. Please advise the instructor of notable changes to your health, or if you have been advised by a medical professional to refrain from particular types of exercise. Where a medical condition or other factor is beyond the instructors area of expertise, we are happy to refer you to another local specialist trainer.


Are you a running group?


No. We do some running, but not a great deal. Up to around 1KM or so total within our 1hr 5-15min session. We run intervals, sometimes play nature themed running games, and the running sections place an emphasis on good running technique, utilising focuses such as breath work focuses, body focuses and mental visualisations. This class is ideal for non runners or nervous runners as well as seasoned runners who can be offered extensions, and who might find the aerobic sections more challenging. There are plans in the pipeline for a new class that integrates more running between routines; and for longer away days in the hills, which will include longer walks and runs. But our core class is fusion fitness, and is amazing for runners as we do lots of essential strengthening work that helps to prevent injury.


Why are you called London Jungle Runners when you are not a running group?


Running, like stepping, refers to Drum and Bass/Jungle dance; and dance culture. Some of our high impact aerobic/training sections are akin to running on the spot and can be higher impact than running anyway. The Jungle Runner is also a type of lizard. Part of the ethos is that we recognise ourselves as animals (and guests) in our native habitats, that we immerse ourselves in nature and consider ourselves to be a part of it, rather than considering ourselves to be something separate or aloof. This is subtly encouraged through little activities, focuses and ideas that are brought in throughout the experience. London Jungle Runners is more than a fitness group. it is an immersive fitness practise that blurs the boundaries between fitness, play, the arts, and a more connected experience of nature and reality. It is a new, more holistic and fun, approach to fitness. Classes are also carefully designed to limit our impact upon the fragile woodland environment.



Our core class is a great class for runners, as well as non runners, the strength and stretch sections support injury prevention.    


How are you different to other outdoor fitness providers and gyms?


If you regularly attend and work hard in class, you will loose weight, tone up, get fitter etc, and its great to meet those bodily fitness goals and we can advise on and support those goals. However these things are treated almost as a by-product. This class isn't just about the body beautiful. It’s incredibly fun. Over time, you will learn things about the woods and about yourself. The body beautiful is just a bonus. Also you will be encouraged to listen to your body, to work at an appropriate pace, and to never work through pain. The saying ‘no pain no gain’ is banned from our class.


We aren't gonna help you to achieve goals yesterday in a boom and bust style. That approach only leads to injury, in the same way that crash dieting leads to dissapointing weight gain further down the line. And we dont believe in setting people up to fail. We can give advice and support to help bring about lasting change over time. If you would like to discuss your fitness/health goals, we are more than happy to help. When it comes to nutrition, we firmly believe that diets don't really work. A sense of punishing ourselves,  treating the body as ‘other’, or as a playground for guilt, does not  work. If you want to see profound change, it has to come from a place of self love and nourishment. Usually a lot can be achieved by small shifts in lifestyle.  We believe in helping others to find realistic, and sustainable approaches to realising their fitness and lifestyle goals.


Im really unfit, is this class for me?


Absolutely, Whats great about this class is that you really can do it at your own pace. It can be a very tough class if you wish, but alternatives are always given, and safe adaptation for injury can be provided or found with clients. and the high impact aerobic sections can be completed at a low impact pace. You can find your level, and develop over time.


Im super fit/an instructor/athlete/marathon runner, is this class for me?


Absolutely, we don't do a great deal of running, but you will get other benefits from this class. Extension can be provided, and following the dance steps alone is a completely different type of workout, mentally and physically.


Where do we meet for class?


If standing on the green  in the middle of the woods, if facing the cafe (from the green side) to the left you will see a large log/old fallen tree on its side, at the field edge, we meet behind there, unless it is heavily raining in which case if facing the cafe, to the right of it, you will see the information hut, and we meet in there. We meet 5 mins before class and move straight off.