Our outdoor workouts are carefully crafted to tread as lightly as possible, respecting nature and other woodland users. Short runs (option to walk) are woven between aerobic/hiit style routines to limit impact on single sites.


Classes are delivered to Drum and Bass, Jungle and other carefully curated/created music, following the aerobic curve, via the latest technology. Clients use their own headphones, limiting disruption to others.


Everyone in class is given a belt clip receiver, which they can plug their own headphones into, and the instructor's voice is broadcast, along with the music via a wireless transmitter.


Our classes are carefully designed to be achievable & challenging across a wide range of fitness levels & abilities.Silent Disco Fitness is fun, friendly & about freedom of the soul & connection to nature &/ or others. Whatever your level of fitness, its a chance to get really fit, have fun & shine.


Are you a runner? Yogi?  We only do around 1KM, but we do loads of strength/body work to support runners in injury prevention & generally. This class dovetails perfectly with running and other classes.








Stacey is a fully qualified exercise to music instructor & first aider. She has been leading groups outdoors, working in environmental education; for a number of years & teaching outdoor fitness for four years. She is about to qualify at a personal trainer; with specialism in outdoor training & medical referral.


Stacey is also a performer & makes music: staceycohenmusic.com


In the late noughties she was part of a fun performance dance troupe who made their costumes from recycled materials.


She has practised yoga since childhood & loves a wide range of fitness classes from boot camp to hot yoga; & of course dancing to Jungle and DnB.


The inspiration to develop a fusion-fitness outdoor silent disco class to Drum & Bass, came in the mid noughties, when Stacey began integrating jungle workouts into her voice work/music body work/training/practise/play.  


Stace believes that fitness is best when it's fun, creative, playful & nurturing as well as challenging, and can be a real force for good in the world.  Her motos are: 'No pain, lots of gain' and 'Nobodies watching and nobody cares!' .














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