Our outdoor workouts are carefully crafted to tread as lightly as possible, respecting nature and other woodland users. Short runs are woven between aerobic routines to limit impact on single sites.


Classes are delivered to Drum and Bass, Jungle and other carefully curated/created music, following the aerobic curve, via the latest technology. Clients use their own headphones, limiting disruption to others.


We encourage the use of (wired) bone conducting headphones, allowing you to experience the sound of nature and music simulatenously. Everyone in class is given a belt clip receiver, which they can plug their own headphones into, and the instructor's voice is broadcast, along with the music via a wireless transmitter.


Our classes are carefully designed to be achievable & challenging across a wide range of fitness levels & abilities.Silent Disco Fitness is fun, friendly & about freedom of the soul & connection to nature &/ or others. Whatever your level of fitness, its a chance to get really fit, have fun & shine.


Are you a runner? Yogi?  We only do around 1KM, but we do loads of strength/body work to support runners in injury prevention & generally. This class dovetails perfectly with running and other classes.








Stacey Cohen is a fully qualified exercise to music instructor & sports / forest school first aider. She has been leading groups outdoors, working in environmental education; for a number of years & teaching outdoor fitness for two.


Stacey is also a performing music artist/producer & content writer. www.staceycohenmusic.com


In the late noughties she was part of a fun performance dance troupe who made their costumes from recycled materials.


She has practised yoga since childhood & loves a wide range of fitness classes from boot camp to hot yoga; & of course dancing to Jungle and DnB.


The inspiration to develop a fusion-fitness outdoor silent disco class to Drum & Bass, came in the mid noughties, when Stacey began integrating jungle workouts into her voice work/music body work/training/practise/play.  


Stace believes that fitness is best when its fun, creative, playful & nurturing as well as challenging, and can be a real force for good in the world.  Her motos are: 'No pain, lots of gain' and 'Nobodies watching and nobody cares!' .














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