Uplifting, fun, funky & playful workouts to Jungle/ Drum and Bass in ancient woodland. Using the latest silent disco fitness kit, & your own headphones.


DnB dance style routines are woven between short, achievable runs, games & more. Take the class at your own pace, or have challenging extension built in.


Inclusive, friendly, fun, encouraging class, in a non-competitive environment. No mirrors or pbs, only sunbeams through the canopy, & birds flying overhead.

Who said fitness couldnt be effective AND joyful?


Most of our sessions take place in Highgate Woods, North London. E.London and Bristol class coming soon. Booking essential. Please register first before booking.  








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Sessions Mon 9.30am, Fri 11am and Sat 10am.


Sat: London, Bristol or event, check calendar for exact dates at each location. 


Everyone must register once, and book before each session. Places are limited.



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Louise Roberts - Wild and Well Festival 2018 - 294

Photography by Louise Roberts